Flying - 2012

6/10/2012 - Today was my first time flying since I received my Pilots License!! We pre-flighted the Cherokee Archer II N3574K and I took Jaden up for his first ride in an airplane.. and with his dad as the pilot it was a great experience! We enjoyed some quality time and flew from KDSM to KIKV(Ankeny) where we did a couple of landings and then flew NE of Ankeny and did some steep turns and I let Jaden fly the airplane a little bit! (With dad's assistance of course haha) He had just a great time, didn't get scared, and enjoyed every minute of it! We then flew back to Des Moines and landed. It was a great father-son day and look forward to doing it again many more times!

6/22/2012 - Today Wyatt and I flew down to Centerville, IA (KTVK) to pick up Jaden in the Cherokee Archer II N3574K. Once we landed Jaden's mom met us at the airport and Jaden and Mary Ann joined us for a quick flight around Centerville as she had never been in an airplane. She was pretty nervous but enjoyed it! We then borrowed the airport car and grabbed something to eat and ended up taking off around 11 PM to fly back to KDSM. Katie Thompson joined us for the flight back and it was her first flight as well, she was not ready for it to be over either. Today was a terrific day flying with the boys and our guests!

7/11/2012 - Today Katie, Wyatt, and Wyatt's friend Issac joined me on a trip to the airport. We saw Tom Merfeld (One of the instructors I took lessons with) at his hanger so we stopped and visited for a few. We then pre-flighted the airplane and about 6:30 we took off flew the Cherokee Archer II N2974N. Issac sat up front as we took off from Des Moines and we flew to Ankeny where we landed. Katie got up front and we flew from Ankeny to Ottumwa. I let Katie steer a little, but she freaked out when I cut the power.. haha! We landed in Ottumwa and borrowed a car and drove in to town to Sonic where we had some great food. We then drove back and took off about 10PM and headed back to Des Moines. Wyatt sat up front for a little while and then he and Katie switched. I let them both steer for a little bit.. but neither seemed too thrilled about it. We landed in Des Moines and put the airplane away. We had a pretty good night of flying and since we had two more headsets it was really nice to be able to talk to each other! While it was an expensive trip to a Sonic Restaurant it was well worth the trip!

7/14/2012 - Wyatt and I took the Cherokee Cruiser N38190 and flew to Ankeny. I just practiced some landings today and taught Wyatt how to call out Positions. He radioed one in today for us "Ankeny Traffic, Cherokee 38190 turning Left Base for 18, Ankeny". He thought that was pretty cool and as time goes on I will teach him more and more so he can help us with communications :) We flew back to Des Moines and did a couple of landings there before calling it a day. Just a nice father / son day flying! :)

7/17/2012 - Today Wyatt, Katie, Emily, and myself took off in the Cherokee Archer II N3574K and flew to Ankeny. Emily sat up front for her first ride in an airplane. Never getting scared she was smiles the whole time. After 3 landings in Ankeny we flew North-East of Ankeny and I let Emily take over flying! She was a great Co-Pilot and seemed to enjoy every moment! She did some steep turns and then I practiced a stall and everyone seemed to like that one! She then helped pilot the airplane back to Des Moines and did 3 landings before calling it a day. A great day of flying as always! F-16's were out playing too which the kids loved to watch!

7/20/2012 - Today I got to go flying twice!

Trip #1 - Patrick Wright (From Vital) and myself flew the Cherokee Archer II N3574K to Webster City to go to a customer's manufacturing facility and work on a computer issue. I let Patrick fly the airplane for a little bit and he seemed to enjoy it!

Trip #2 - Katie, Wyatt, Jaden, and myself flew to Centerville in the Cherokee Archer II N3574K to meet Wyatt's DHS worker for a visit at the Centerville Airport. We then drove in town and got some Taco Bell. I also had the opportunity to meet the Airport Commissioner who was checking to see if we were legitimate borrowers of the Airport Car at Kum and Go. We then flew back to Des Moines at night and for the first time I dimmed the interior lights and just enjoyed the night flight... nothing like it in the world! SO BEAUTIFUL!

07/27/2012 - Wyatt and Katie and I went to the airport and I showed Katie how to pre-flight the airplane. After getting the Cherokee Archer II N3574K out of the hanger I showed Katie how to start it and how to do most of the things in the cockpit. I ran communications however, I showed Katie how to steer with her feet and I told her I was going to let her take off today! :) We got out on the runway after getting permission to take off and off she went. I had control of the airplane the whole time however, I let her do it and she did great! I don't think it will be a day she ever forgets haha. I took over and we flew over to Ankeny and I did a few landings there before going out to the practice area northeast of the Ankeny airport. We flew around and then headed back to Des Moines. A great day of flying!

08/03/2012 - Tonight was a lot of fun! Katie, Wyatt and i flew to Centerville in the Cherokee Archer II N3574K. We borrowed the airport car and picked up Katie's Sister Halie Thompson and her son Avery. We also ended up picking up Katie's friend Sammy Jo Giese and we headed back to the airport. I gave them all a ride over Centerville, none of which had ever been on an airplane before. We landed and I returned them all home. We went and picked up Wyatt's sister Tatum Nab and went to McDonalds to grab some food. We then headed back to the airport and flew back home (a Night Flight!) at around 145 knots! (The fastest I have flown before.. nice tailwind!) Tonight was Tatum's first time in an airplane as well! We made it home in no time and called it a night. Nice beautiful weather for flying.. another great day of flying! :)

08/05/2012 - Wyatt and I flew Tatum to Oskaloosa in the Cherokee Archer II N3574K to take her back to her dad's. I let Tatum fly a little bit today and she just loved being able to see everything during the day! We then came back and enjoyed some father-son time and I left Wyatt fly a little bit on the way home. It was pretty windy today... gusting to 18 Knots and some moderate turbulence but as always, was a fun flight! We flew at 6,500 ft MSL on the way back and officially went a Mile High as we were 5,500 ft above the ground!!!! We soared above the clouds and enjoyed every minute of it!