Student Expenses

These are my ACTUAL expenses related to Flying. When I started flying I couldn't find very good information out there so I thought I would put my expenses on the web for people interested in flying so you can see what the actual costs are.

As you can see there are a few expenses that are not absolutely needed (Headset.. at least that expensive of one, Flight Sim - Not needed but it helped me a LOT when flying, etc.)

DSMFC = Des Moines Flying Club - Membership Fee's

Sportys = Great source for Aviation Equipment


Everything Related to Aviation (Headset, Airport Access, Club Fees, Fuel, Plane, Instructor, Tests, etc.) : $13,559.92

Instructor: $2,610.59

Airplane Rental: $4,157.50

Airplane Fuel: $3,078.69

Avg Cost Per Hour (Instructor + Airplane + Fuel / 57.50 Flight Hours) - $172.94

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